Final Meeting
01/12/2010 Presentation of NUMIX Project at the Festival of Innovation in Bari (Italy)
10/11/2010 Presentation of NUMIX Project at IDENTIPLAST 2010 in London (UK)
06/11/2010 Presentation of NUMIX Project in Corsano (Italy)
29/09/2010 Presentation of NUMIX Project in Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

NUMIX promotes the wide adoption of lightweight aggregate products obtained from plastic waste recycling.

NUMIX also promotes the production processes and methods to obtain the above products, seeking to establish partnerships Europe-wide for the production of Densified Flakes and Expanded Granules to be used as aggregate for lightened structural and non-structural concrete as well as for mortar.

Raw Material:
NUMIX Densified Flakes and Expanded Granules are obtained from the scrap of the sorting of plastic waste (from both solid urban and industrial/ craftmade/ commercial waste).
Raw material

NUMIX products consist of Densified Flakes and Expanded Granules for the building field (lightened structural and non-structural concrete, mortar).

Concrete sample with Extended Granules

The production of NUMIX Densified Flakes and Expanded Granules starts from sorting of plastic waste. A complete overview of processes and methods used to obtain the above products can be found at the page Process.

NUMIX is an action co-funded by the European Commission under the framework of CIP Eco-Innovation - Pilot and Market Replication Projects. If you wish to know more about the NUMIX initiative please visit the page About NUMIX.


Il progetto NUMIX è stato selezionato per essere promosso su INNOVATIONSEEDS, il portale interattivo co-finanziato dalla Comunità europea per trasferire la conoscenza e le nuove tecnologie in campo ambientale ai policy maker e ai principali operatori del mercato.
EACI has recommended that NUMIX project be assessed as case study. The case studies aim to provide EACI with a better insight into the context and main drivers for eco-innovation, the key achievements and challenges experienced by projects, as well as the lessons that can help future programme applicants.